Friedhelm Fischer was born in 1964 in Heidelberg (Germany). He is 3D artist, designer, filmmaker, photographer and marketing manager.

Coming from the chemical-pharmaceutical industry, as Bachelor Professional of Chemical Technology and Operations, he has developed already in 1996 one of the first biggest city portals in Germany on the Internet.

Furthermore, he developed Internet-based communication solutions for large-scale enterprises and peak athletes. Under his management the biggest, interrelated 360° panoramic photo application originated in Europe in 2006. One year later he set up as a forerunner in Germany, Friedhelm developed 3D action film trailers for the handball federal league.

Since 2008 he has been employed in the marketing department of the internationally operating company NAUE GmbH & Co. KG. In 2012 he successfully finished his studies as Marketing Manager.


Marketing communication tools 96
Print design 93
Digital design 96
3D-Grafik and Animation 93
Film and Photo production 96

Outstanding achievements

In 1990 he founded FISCHERCGD a software and advertisement agency. He developed websites, internet based software, 3D graphics, digital prepress products and advertisements.

In 1996 he developed Minden-Online the first professional online portal in the region of Hannover, Osnabrück, Bielefeld.

In 1998 he build up the website MT-Online for the JCC Bruns group

In 2003 he was nominated for the German SAT1 NEO AWARD.
Second place with the website of German handball star, Stefan Kretzschmar.

In 2005 he was recorded in the german ‚Yearbook of Advertisement‚ as the only advertisement agency from Ostwestfalen-Lippe (Paderborn-Bielefeld-Minden)

In 2007 he developed a new communication platform in Germany – for the German handball premier league. Sports trailer based on a combination of 3D animation and live action film.

In 2010 he was the winner of the audience award Bilder der Forschung 2010. An Award of the German FOCUS magazine and the German – Die forschenden Pharma Unternehmen. Function within the project as art director.

In 2011 he was the winner of the Maryville film festival at the Clayton Center for the Arts at Maryville College in the US. Winner of two awards for his film production “Message in a bottle”

  • Best in Genre Animation
  • Best Lighting Design